COVID 19 Information and Updates

COVID 19 Information and Updates

Dear NDBF Family,

I greet you in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  In recent days, we have seen an increase in information and directives related to COVID-19.  As Covid-19 continues to spread, and as public health leaders have offered more definitive guidance, we have come to see that our church has a role to play in protecting our congregation and making a concerted public health effort in Delaware, our Nation and the World.

In light of this, NDBF will implement a plan of action that is designed to protect and prevent. Beginning immediately, we will suspend all church activities.  

To be sure, we walk by faith not by sight, 2 Cor 5:7, while understanding that faith without works is Dead, Jm. 2:17, and that the prudent see danger and take cover, but the simple keep going… Prov 22:3.   

That said, the State of Delaware has declared a State of Emergency so we will cooperate with state and local government.   Although the risk to our members remains low, given the ongoing spread, we are escalating our response to protect our entire community.

We will provide weekly email updates on Friday as well as post on our website whether Worship service will resume on subsequent Sundays.  Once Sunday worship resumes, we will provide guidance on other Church activities.

 The overall plan is this:

1.     All Church Activities Have Been Suspended Until Further Notice.

2.     Weekly Updates Will Be Given Every Friday Regarding Sunday Worship.

3.     Once Sunday Worship Resumes, We Will Give Guidance on Other Church Activities.

4.     Although the Physical Church Will be Closed, We will have a FB Live Broadcast and Podcast Every Sunday.

5.     Tithes and Offering Can Be Given via Web Bill Pay Instructions on Our Web Site, , Mail in or Drop off at the church using our mail slot.

In addition, we will have our prayer line open on Tuesdays at 8:15pm so we can continue to pray for each other and our community (Dial in# 1-563-999-1142 access code 353631).   Please maintain healthy habits and remember to check in on our Senior Saints and those who may have a need you can meet.

Finally, we recognize that many will have questions. This letter offers our initial answers. I know we will all be loving, patient, and committed to Christ and one another as we cope with this extraordinary challenge.

In Christ,

Tony H. Benson, Sr. Senior Pastor

Here are the instructions for you to tune in to our Weekly Worship Service

FB Live Online Viewing at, or by “liking” the New Direction Bible Fellowship Facebook page. 

For members without Facebook accounts: you can watch the LIVE stream without a Facebook profile (or without logging in). It is available for everyone, you can watch with no Facebook account. Simply click on our page link:

For Facebook users, as you are watching the FB Live service, click “SHARE” so the message can be viewed with others to engage in online worship with us. 

Following the FB Live Stream, the service will be viewable and shareable indefinitely. Feel free to engage and relisten to apply the Word more deeply and practically to your life. 

For podcast listening and sharing via your podcast platform, Sunday’s message will be available 1 hour following the FB Live. 

We look forward to worshiping with you!